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The Emiquon Audubon Society (EAS) was formed in 1999 to promote appreciation and understanding of nature, and to support the conservation of natural resources.  EAS places special emphasis on protective care of the rich, natural resources of the Illinois River Valley and other, nearby, natural areas.  It also partners with similar-minded organizations to promote environmental awareness. 

EAS is a local chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society, the longest existing conservation organization in Illinois, founded in 1897. 

Think Spring !
photo by Cindy McGrew
March 29   7:00am to 10:00am
Bird Watching at Emiquon Preserve

Meet at the Emiquon Wetland Observatory for a morning of bird watching. Novice and seasoned birders are welcomed. This is also a good opportunity to photograph or sketch wildlife.
Binoculars will be available.
Part of the Nature Trek Series
Sponsored by Dickson Mounds Museum